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File River Pro

4.0 ( 3760 ratings )
Productividad Estilo de vida
Desarrollador cheolhyun wang
1.99 USD

File River is a file management application which manages iWork, Excel, Word, Power Point, PDF, Text, RTF, MOV, M4V, MP4, MP3, CAF, ZIP and so on.
It supports file copy and move, rename, delete, create folder, setting folder color, etc.
You can take pictures or get photos from album and manage them with folders.
Video recording and sound recording, playback sound, movies, writing notes, zip archivings are supported.

*** Key Features

* URL File Download
* Record Video and Sound
* Playback Movie Files
* Playback Sound Files
* Email with Attached Files
* Write Facebook
* Write Twitter
* Write Note
* Zip Archive
* Office File Viewer
* Pdf File Viewer
* Image File Viewer
* File Copy
* File Move
* File Rename
* Create Folder
* Folder Copy
* Folder Move
* Folder Rename
* Set Folder Color
* Get Photos from Album
* Take Pictures
* Manage Pictures
* Continually Playback Movie
* Private Folder & Passcode